Financial Assistance

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Financial Assistance is available to individuals and families who live in Chester or Andover who are struggling to make ends meet. Family Center Volunteers meet with Financial Assistance Recipients to determine how we can best help them through a financial difficulty.

Our partner, Neighborhood Connections, provides a Social Worker to meet with Financial Recipients in Chester to discuss strategies and resources to help them through their financial struggles.

How We Can Help:

  • Do you need supplemental food or fresh produce to keep your family healthy
  • Are you having difficulty heating your home and need help with your electric bill or propane delivery?
  • Would a cord of wood or load of pellets make a difference?
  • Has an unexpected illness caused you to lose time at work and fall behind on your rent?
  • Is a furnace or car repair bill forcing you to make a hard choice?
  • Would a warm coat for your child give you peace of mind?

Call 802-875-3236 or stop in to the Center during business hours.

Thrift Shop Hours:

Thursdays and Fridays, 10AM-4PM

Saturdays, 10AM-3PM

Food Shelf Hours:

Thursdays, 2-6PM

Fridays from 10AM-2PM


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